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  1. Dr. Karel Volniansky

    ... of Music and Dance in Theory and Composition with prof. Mark Kopytman, and in Performances Arts – Clarinet with prof. Ilan Schul. He ...

    fatfish18 - Monday, 16.5.2022

  2. Prof. Haim Permont

    ... in Philadelphia, USA. Studying composition with Mark Kopytman in Israel and with Richard Wernick and George Crumb in the US, his ...

    fatfish18 - Thursday, 20.9.2018

  3. From East to West - A joint concert of the Jerusalem Symphony Orchestra and JAMD Mendi Rodan Symphony Orchestra

    ... Darawshi. opens with “Voices of Memory” (1981) by Mark Kopytman, which merges Yemenite folk song with contemporary classical music. ...

    yuval - Tuesday, 7.6.2016

  4. Avi Adrian

    ... Bat-Sheva Rubinstein, Mr. Claude Abravanel, and Mr. Mark Kopytman. In addition, Adrian was in a friendly as well as professional ...

    fatfish18 - Wednesday, 19.8.2015

  5. קונצרט גמר תחרות קומפוזיציה ע"ש מרק קופיטמן ז"ל לשנת הלימודים תש"פ

    ... ה Zoom כולל סיסמא: Topic: The Mark Kopytman Composition Competition 2020 Time: Jul 23, 2020 06:45 PM Jerusalem ...

    yuval - Wednesday, 14.10.2020

  6. Theory Forum with Composer Talia Amar

    ... in composition with honors under the guidance of Prof. Mark Kopytman, Prof. Ari Ben-Shabetai and Prof. Yinam Leef at the Jerusalem Academy ...

    yuval - Sunday, 22.1.2017

  7. The Academy bestowed pianist Elena Bashkirova with the status of “Honorary Colleague”

    ... Mendi Rodan, Tzvi Avni, Yosef Tal, Gary Bertini, Mark Kopytman, duo-pianists Bracha Eden and Alexander Tamir, Arie Vardi, and others. ...

    fatfish18 - Thursday, 23.7.2015

  8. History of the Faculty of Dance

    ... capacity she was a member of the committee headed by Marc Kopytman (then Dean), which recommended the creation of the Faculty of Dance. ...

    fatfish18 - Monday, 3.8.2015