Application for Need-based Financial Support for International Students

Application for Need-based Financial Support for International Students


Please fill out the attached form, sign and send with all required documents to not later than 30.11.23.


  1. The option of applying for need-based scholarships for academic year 2023-4 automatically opens for registered JAMD students only. If you have not yet completed the registration process, please do so. For further detail
  2. Applications will be considered only if they are complete, including all required documents, and are submitted before the published deadline
  3. Need-based scholarships are granted in the form of refunds of the tuition fee. JAMD does not grant scholarships to cover living expenses.
  4. Students whose studies are financed by any external body are not eligible for need-based support.
  5. A new application must be submitted for each year. A student who received a need-based scholarship in a previous year is not automatically eligible for another year.
  6. Students who receive merit-based scholarships from JAMD cannot apply to a need-based scholarship.
  7. Any support granted by any other source must be declared. Failing to meet this condition may result in cancellation of the scholarship.
  8. When applications are approved, the refund is contingent upon fulfilling the conditions of the donor/fund (participation in ceremony/performance/letter of thanks, etc.).

For Further information:

please contact Ms. Shelly Levy: , or Tuition Fee Department: Ms. Rina Inka ( or Ms. Rima Leibowitz ( 

The students dean: