With your support

With your support

Emergency Scholarship Fund for Students in Reserve Duty

Support the Dedication of our valued students.
Stand in solidarity with our students serving in reserve duty by contributing to the Emergency Scholarship Fund. The Emergency Scholarship Fund aims to raise $135,000 to provide financial support to those significantly affected by recent events, including 60 students serving in the IDF and those evacuated from their home. Your contribution, whether large or small, makes a meaningful impact on their ability to continue their studies without compromise. By supporting this fund, you directly support students and ensure their return to arts and creativity.

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Scholarships: Empowering Dreams and Talent
At the heart of our mission lies the commitment to unlock the potential within every aspiring musician and dancer. Your support for our Scholarship Fund ensures that financial barriers do not hinder talented individuals from pursuing their dreams at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. By contributing, you directly empower the next generation of artists, making a lasting impact on their educational journey. 


Community Projects: Enriching Lives Beyond Our Walls
Extend the transformative power of music and dance to diverse communities by supporting our community projects. Your donation fuels outreach initiatives that bring the joy of the arts to audiences throughout Jerusalem and beyond. By contributing, you play a crucial role in creating positive cultural connections, fostering collaboration, and making the arts accessible to all.

Leave Your Legacy

Chairs: A Seat for Legacy
Elevate your connection to the Jerusalem Academy by naming a chair in our performance hall with a $1,000 donation. This unique opportunity allows you to leave a tangible mark within our institution, creating a legacy that resonates with the passion and dedication embodied by our students and faculty. Join us in building an enduring link between your support and the artistic future of the Academy. 


The Kushner Building: Shaping the Future of the Arts

Contribute to the ongoing legacy of the arts in Israel by supporting the Kushner Building. This state-of-the-art facility, inaugurated on our 90th anniversary, serves as a beacon of progress and innovation. Your generosity fuels the maintenance and development of cutting-edge studios and halls, fostering an environment where music, dance, and cross-disciplinary performances flourish. Become a vital part of our artistic journey by supporting the Kushner Building and ensuring a vibrant future for the arts. Named spaces within the building offer you a unique opportunity to leave an enduring mark on the future of the arts. Reach out to learn of naming opportunities available and become a vital part of our artistic journey.