The Haim Kalmi z”l Solo Piano Competition

This competition was established by the late Esther Kalmi z”l. Bulgarian-born Esther immigrated to Israel with her parents, enthusiastic Zionists. “Music is the Esperanto of human souls. It is understood by everyone because we are human. It is a source of joy and happiness”, Esther wrote to explain the reasons for her decision to perpetuate her family by encouraging outstanding pianists.

In order to express her love of the country and her love of music and culture, and to perpetuate the memory of her family, Esther set up an association named after her father Haim Kalmi z”l, to promote young pianists. With the help of Ms. Kalmi’s association, each year the Academy hopes to encourage the future generation of Israeli pianists.

A concert given by the winners is held at the Ad-Tamir Music Center in Ein Kerem, and broadcast live on The Voice of Music.


The Strings Competition in Memory of David Gritz z”l

A competition in two stages for string players from the Academy. Set up in memory of David Gritz, born in France, his parents’ only child, who was killed on 31st July 2002 in a terror attack at the Hebrew University cafeteria on Mount Scopus. He died aged 24. David played the violin from a young age. His mother, Nevenka Gritz, donated his violin and the prizes for the competition winners to the Academy.


Annual Classical Guitar Competitions in Memory of Arian Yerushalmi Eldor z”l, a former student at the Academy

Each year, the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance holds a number of classical guitar competitions: one for youngsters up to the age of 14, another for young people aged 14-16, and another for the 16-20 age group.

The Artistic Director of the competitions is Prof. Joseph Urshalmi.


The George Ban Jazz Competition

Each year the Multi-disciplinary Faculty of Music holds a competition designed to encourage creativity and originality among jazz players. In the final stage, each ensemble plays three pieces, of which two are original. These shows have been performed in Beit Hayotzer in Tel Aviv, in the Culture Terminal at the Old Jerusalem Station, and more.


Interpretation Competition

Each year the Multi-disciplinary Department of Singing holds an interpretation competition, in which students from the Department submit original performances of familiar songs and original songs. The final shows have been performed in Beit Hayotzer in Tel Aviv, in the Culture Terminal at the Old Jerusalem Station, and more.


The Gertrud Kraus Choreography Competition

This competition is held in collaboration with the Gertrud Kraus and Gretel Muller Memorial Foundation, and is the culmination of a process of creation and research in dance and choreography studies. Its aim is to encourage students to find their unique voice and enable them to create and to dream.

In recent years, the competition has been extended to include a competition for composers of dance music.

Gertrud Kraus (1901-1977) was famous all over Europe for her solo performance, and then with her troupe, including a 1935 work based on a medley of Ghetto Songs. At the height of her artistic success she immigrated to Israel (then Palestine), opened her own studio and set up a new dance troupe. She created the choreography for her works together with dancers in the troupe, using improvisation.  In 1950 she established the Israeli Ballet Theater, in 1962 she was appointed Professor of Dance at the Rubin Academy in Jerusalem, and a year later was awarded the Israel Prize. Until her death she continued to teach at the Academy and to paint. She was a supporter of dancers in Israel, particularly the younger ones. Gertrud Kraus left all her property to the Academy of Music and Dance for the purpose of opening the School of Dance.


The Dina Turgeman Chamber Music Competition

Intended for all chamber music groups studying at the Academy (three or more players, and ensembles with two pianists/ 4 hands).

The competition is in memory of Dina and Mordechai Turgeman. Dina Turgeman, who died in 2015, was one of Israel’s most important piano teachers. She taught many generations of pupils who are now among Israel’s best musicians. The Turgeman family donated the money to award prizes among the competition winners, and also donated an additional sum to the Academy to invite external judges to the competition.


Annual Competition for Wind and Percussion Instrumentalists

The competition is open to all players of wind and percussion instruments at the Academy, and usually consists of one stage. The players are required to choose and prepare two complete pieces from different periods.


The Ada Brodsky Artistic Song Competition

The competition for artistic song is held in memory of Ada Brodsky, a woman of music and literature, who for many years was a senior producer at The Voice of Music. Ada was born in Germany (1924) and fled with her brother to Israel (then Palestine) before World War II. She studied at the Ben Shemen Youth Village, and later at the new Jerusalem Conservatory and the Academy of Music. Among other things, she translated into Hebrew the poems of some of the greatest poets and many texts of artistic song. Her translations were published in three books.

The competition is in two stages, and open to third and fourth year undergraduates and master’s degree students. The piano will be played by the individual teachers-accompanists of each student.


The Sharon Tavor Pintz z”l Competition for Playing/ Singing with the Academy’s Symphony Orchestra

The Sharon Tavor Pintz z”l competition is held each year in the Faculty of Performing Arts, for students from the Keyboard Instruments Department, the Stringed Instruments Department, the Wind and Percussion Instruments Department, and the Classical Vocal Department. The winners of first place in the Concerto Competition take part in the concert which will be held in the next academic year and will include the prize giving ceremony.

Sharon Tavor Pintz was the public relations and advertising manager for the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, and her parents donated the prizes.


The Mark Kopytman Composition Competition

The aim of this competition is to perpetuate the memory of one of Israel’s leading composers, and someone who contributed greatly to the expansion and development of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in general, and the development of the Theory of Music, Composition and Conducting Department in particular.

Mark Kopytman was born in 1929 in the former USSR. He graduated from the Chernowitz School of Medicine, and held a Master’s Degree in Music from the Lvov Academy of Music and a Doctorate from the Tchaikowsky National Conservatory in Moscow.

He taught at the music academies of Moscow, Alma Ata and Kishinev. After immigrating to Israel in 1972, Prof. Kopytman became a teacher of composition at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and was also a regular guest lecturer at the Hebrew University. For many years he was head of the Theory of Music, Composition and Conducting Department and Dean of the Faculty of Composition, Conducting and Musical Education. He lectured in seminars and master classes all over Europe and the USA, and raised generations of students who are now important composers in Israel and worldwide.

Mark Kopytman won the Kosewitzki Prize and the ACUM Prize for his creative life work.