Cross Disciplinary Singing ("Voices")

Cross Disciplinary Singing ("Voices")

The "Voices" program is intended for students with a bachelor's degree - Bachelor of Music (B.Mus.) from academic institutions in Israel or abroad.

Duration of studies in the program is two years, two days a week. The curriculum is based on new courses and workshops, which are designed for the program, alongside general courses and seminars.

Graduates of the program, who will complete all of their assignments, will receive a master’s degree in music, M.Mus. As part of the "Voices" program, new courses and dedicated seminars will be opened, led by senior faculty members, along with individual lessons and regular rehearsals with a pianist-mentor (corpetition), regular vocal ensembles, and customized tasks specific for each student. Renowned artists in the fields of popular music and theater will join faculty members for guest lectures and workshops.

The program will be coordinated by the Dean of the Cross Disciplinary Faculty, Prof. Michael Wolpe.

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