Michal Hershkovitz Michaeli

Michal Hershkovitz Michaeli

Michal Hershkovitz Michaeli

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Head of Dance Teaching

Michal Hershkoviz Michaeli is the Head of Dance Teaching at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, is a facilitator of the dance internship workshop, is a pedagogical instructor for practical experience in schools, and is a member of the team at the Center for the Advancement of the Quality of Teaching and Learning in the Academy.

For almost 13 years until 2020, she served as a director of dance, movement, and physical education in Karev Program. Michal is a member of the Repertoire Committee of the "Sal Tarbut" and the Profession Committee of the Ministry of Education in the Dance discipline.  

Ms. Hershkoviz Michaeli is a doctoral student specializing in educational sciences and psychology at UBB, Cluj-Napoca. Her research deals with "non-formal independent teaching-learning in dance among children using media" under the supervision of Prof. Chis Vasile. She has a M.Ed. (magna cum laude) in visual literacy, a B.Ed. in dance and movement, and a teaching certificate from the Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts.

Michal focuses on developing, studying, and creating innovative pedagogy for dance teaching. In 2022, she initiated a project entitled "Kaleidoscope" (inspired by a program from NYU) that includes artistic-social encounters between dance and music students from the academy to students of a range of ages from the formal education system in Jerusalem who learns dance in schools. 

Michal, in collaboration with artist Renana Raz, developed an innovative pedagogical model for teaching dance using screens that was presented in Beijing, China, as part of the framework of the "Dance Drama Education" conference in 2022 and New York at Teachers College - Columbia University, Hunter College, and Rutgers University in 2018-2019 years. In addition, she lectured on her doctoral research at the Eighth and Ninth International ERD (Education, Reflection, Development) Conferences in Romania, 2020, 2021.  

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