The 2021 - 2022 Dr. Tzipora Jochsberger Z"L Prize for the Creation of Jewish Art Music

The 2021 - 2022 Dr. Tzipora Jochsberger Z"L Prize for the Creation of Jewish Art Music


According to the bequest of Dr. Tzipora Jochsberger Z"L, the prize will be awarded to encourage creativity in Jewish Artistic Music.

The prize will be granted for a musical composition based on Hebrew or other Jewish language texts (such as Yiddish or Ladino) and/or materials connected to Jewish tradition: cantillation tropes, prayer modes, melodies from different Jewish traditions and/or tales/narratives/concepts of Jewish philosophy or other traditional subjects concerning the Jewish people.

The submitted composition can be written for one of the following combinations:  

  1. Mixed choir (SATB), string orchestra (86542) and timpani.
  2. Mixed choir (SATB) and ensemble of 8-12 players of any of the following instruments: flute, oboe, clarinet, horn, bassoon, saxophone, 2 violins, viola, cello, contrabass, mandolin, harp and percussion (1 player).

Duration: 12-20 minutes.

Deadline for submission: July 1, 2022.

The winning composition will be announced in July 2022 and will be performed at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance in Fall 2022 by the JAMD Chamber Choir and members of the Mendi Rodan Symphony Orchestra.

The Prize: US$ 8,000 (the prize includes performance materials and rental costs).

Prize regulations:

  1. Works composed from 2000 onward may be submitted, whether performed or not performed in the past, which have not won any prize.
  2. Submission is open to works by composers of any age and country, but is limited to one composition by the same composer.
  3. Composers may not submit their own work. Proposals may be submitted by a third party- composers, musicians, publishing houses or other recommenders. 
  4. The composer’s CV should be included in the submission.
  5. A signed document by the composer should be included, with the composer’s agreement to the submission of his/her work by the recommender and his/her commitment to supply the performance materials.
  6. The submitted work should be computer-printed and sent digitally as PDF. It is also possible to include sound files. Large scores should be sent in 3 hard copies by post.

Prize Committee:

Prof. Michael Wolpe, Chair, Prof. Betty Olivero and Maestro Doron Salomon. The Prize Committee may approach the recommenders for additional materials or may suggest additional compositions for discussion.

Submission Details:

The submitted materials should be sent by email to Attention Ms. Shir Taieb.  

Postal address for large scores:                                   

Ms. Shir Taieb, Jewish Music Prize

Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Givat Ram Campus, Jerusalem 9190401, Israel



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