Viktor Ullmann Project

Viktor Ullmann Project
Monday, 10 December 2018, 10:00 to Thursday, 13 December 2018, 22:00
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JAMD Building

Herbert Gantschacher Head of Arbos, Opera and Theater director

Prof. Annelie Gahl Violin and Chamber music

Prof. Thérèse Lindquist Voice and Piano Duo

Prof. Wolfgang Pillinger Composer, director and Professor Emeritus for Music Theater for Actors at the University Mozarteum

Mr. Zvi Semel senior lecturer at the JAMD Vocal Department

Prof. Michael Wolpe senior lecturer at the JAMD Music theory, Composition & Conducting Department



The Futurefonds of the Government of Austria.
The Memorial Year of Austria 1918-2018, headed by retired President of Austria Mr. Heinz Fischer.
The Governor of Carinthia Mr. Peter Kaiser and President of Carinthia Parliament, Reinhardt Rohr.


The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance is dedicating a week-long learning project to Viktor Ullmann, one of the most promising Jewish composers of the 20th century, who was murdered by the Nazis. This project will allow our students to deepen their knowledge in the Oeuvre of this uniquely creative musician, whose works, mainly created in Ghetto Terezin, where he was imprisoned for the last two years of his life, well deserve to be studied and performed.

I would like to warmly welcome our guests from the Mozarteum University in Salzburg: Prof. Annelie Gahl, Prof. Thérèse Lindquist, and Prof. Wolfgang Pillinger, as well as Opera and Theater director Herbert Gantschacher, who formulated and carried out the Viktor Ullmann project in our academy together with Zvi Semel.

We send our deepest gratitude to the former President of the Republic of Austria Dr. Heinz Fischer, Patron of the Austrian Memorial Year "Austria 1918-2018", to Dr. Peter Kaiser, Governor of the State of Carinthia in the Republic of Austria and to Ing. Reinhart Rohr, first president of the Parliament of the State of Carinthia in the Republic of Austria, for the support that enabled us to carry out this meaningful "Ullmann project" in our academy.

Prof. Yinam Leef
JAMD president