Tedarim" Program Requirements"

Tedarim" Program Requirements"

A. Materials to be submitted by all applicants:

  • Registration Form
  • Curriculum Vitae and photo
  • Copies of Academic Diplomas
  • Audio or audio-visual material demonstrating the candidate's current level of performance skills
  • A statement about the candidate's motivation, personal expectations and goals.
  • a minimum grade of 90 for the candidate's Major Bachelors' degree subject.
  • a minimum average grade of at least 85 for all other Bachelors' degree courses and subjects.


B. Performers' admission :

  • 1 Stage:

Audio/audio-visual material to be submitted (optional by e-mail)  by February 1, 2020 (For Semester B applicants). 

Program :

One major work from the baroque/classical/romantic repertoire of the applicant's choice

One work written after 1950


  • 2nd Stage:

Live audition at the Jerusalem Academy for Music and Dance

Date: TBA



One major work from the baroque/classical/romantic repertoire of the applicant's choice (may be the same as in the 1st stage)

One work written after 1970


C. Conductors'  admission:

  • 1st Stage:

Audio / audio-visual


One work written after 1945


  • 2nd Stage:

Live audition at the Jerusalem academy for music and dance

Date: TBA


A.Schoenberg- Pierrot Lunaire

G.Grisey- Talea


D. Composers' admission:

The composition requirements for the TEDARIM program correspond to the JAMD Master's Program Admission requirements for Composition.

Composition candidates should posses a high technical  skill,  a substantial composition experience in contemporary styles and techniques, and a clear interest in composing works that correspond to the latest developments in contemporary music

Materials to be submitted in addition to those required from all applicants:

  • Bachelor's degree in composition 
  • Portfolio of works including solo and chamber music
  • Minimum grade of 90 for composition
  • Grade average for the rest subjects and courses of 85 or above


1st Stage :

  • Revision of all materials and portfolio by the admittance committee


2nd Stage :

  • An interview in front of the admittance committee

Date: TBA



Audition and admittance committees are consisted of members of the JAMD faculty and members of the Meitar Ensemble.


E-mail address for correspondence and sending of materials :


att: Ms. Ronit Mualem



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