JAMD Flashmob for Taglit at Ben Gurion Airport

JAMD Flashmob for Taglit at Ben Gurion Airport



On May 24th 2018, 2,000 young Jews from around the world arrived at Ben Gurion International Airport, as part of Birthright Israel’s 18th year. Marking 85 years of activity, the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance decided to celebrate Israel’s 70th anniversary and surprise them with a very warm welcome…


JAMD & High School Orchestra
JAMD & High School Dance Ensemble
"Born & Raised" - Israeli female gospel ensemble
The Joshua Tuttnauer Ankor Choir
The Jerusalem Saxophone Quintet

Creator & Production: Yonathan Dror
Creator & PR: Anat Maromi
Arrangement & Musical Production: Orian Shukrun
Video editing: Bar Mazor
Choreography: Shani Elron
Recorded at the JAMD studio
Recording technician: Avi Elbaz
Mixing & Engineering: Adam Ifrach – Kettem'studio
Photography: Point of You - Movies respectively
Special thanks to the Airports Authority and Ben Gurion Airport staff

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