Admission Requirements for the Oriental Music Division

Admission Requirements for the Oriental Music Division

 a.Instrument examination



Oud and Oriental violin

1.Theory of Oriental music: Familiarity with Maqamat and the main rhythms more commonly used in Arabic music, in both theoretical and practical terms.

2.Playing a maqam scale in two octaves, ascending and descending.    

3.  A taqsim excerpt that is no longer than 3 minutes, including at least three modulations of different secondary maqamat apart from the main opening and closing maqam.        


4.  A short taqsim excerpt whose main maqam will be given by the examiners.    


5.  Playing a longa – such as Longa Riyad, Longa Shahnaz, etc.


6.Playing a semai, such as:Semai Farah-Faza, Semai Shad-Arban, etc


7.Amodern piece such as:Totah; D’ Kariati; Baldal-Mahbuvor any other piece of similar difficulty.      

Oriental drumming

1.Theory of Oriental music: Familiarity with Maqamat.


2.Knowledge of the most common rhythms (mizan) in Oriental – Arabic music. 


3.Playing a 3-minute solo including at least three transitions to different rhythms. 


4.Basic ability to improvise on a particular rhythm given by the committee during the examination.

General remarks

a.You must be prepared to play the examination program in its entirety, but the examiners are not required to listen to the entire program in full, and may stop you playing, at their discretion.    
b.You must make sure that you have instruments and any other items required for your examination. 
c.You must make sure your instrument is tuned before entering the examination hall, to avoid any unnecessary delay and unpleasantness during the examination. 
d.All candidates must produce the score of the pieces that will be playing (other than taqsim pieces) in at least 2 copies.


b.Music skills – music theory and aural training

Written examination:

1.Mastery of the treble clef.

2.Familiarity with simple measures (2:4; 3:4; 4:4).

3.Mastery of major and minor scales up to three accidentals.

4.Theoretical mastery of intervals.

5.Ability to carry out transformation of a piece with a given melody, in writing and verbally.




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