Reasons to Be Proud

Reasons to Be Proud

Roi Dayan holds an undergraduate degree in Mandolin, Performing Arts and a graduate degree in Contemporary Music (Tedarim). Roi was awarded first prize in the 12th ARTE International Mandolin Festival and Competition held in Tokyo in July. This is a prestigious festival that draws leading mandolinists from all over the world, and Roi’s success has enhanced the name of the Academy. 

Alongside Roi’s excellence in academia and performance, he employs his music as a vehicle for social change. As a student, Roi conducted a program in which outstanding JAMD teachers, leaders in their field, met with young music students at the JAMD Conservatory and other conservatories in Israel.
Roi sums up his time at JAMD this way: “The Academy was my second home, and fertile ground for my personal and professional development.”

Roi Dayan

Gaddiel Dombrowner is one of the leading young conductors in Israel. He has won international awards and recognition, most recently first prize in the Sergey Kussewitzky International Conducting Competition held in October in Italy.
Gaddiel holds an undergraduate double degree in Conducting and Clarinet. Upon completing his studies at JAMD with honors, Gaddiel continued his graduate studies in the U.S. at the Cleveland Institute of Music, earning a Master’s degree.
Gaddiel’s recent award follows numerous prizes at various international competitions.

On JAMD’s impact upon his professional development, Gaddiel says: “I will forever be grateful for the support given me by JAMD faculty. During the course of my studies, I had many opportunities to learn from the finest teachers of conducting and from important composers who broadened my knowledge, and to work with the student orchestra on a regular basis. All this granted me a strong basis for development of my abilities in music and in conducting.”
We are tremendously proud of both Roi and Gaddiel and of our thousands of graduates. We at JAMD are continuing to nurture the next generation of artistic leadership in music and dance in Israel.

Gaddiel Dombrowner