Movement Masterclass with Claudia Lavista

Movement Masterclass with Claudia Lavista
Thursday, 28 April 2022, 9:15
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Afik Hall

Claudia Lavista -  Choreographer, dancer, teacher and interdisciplinary creator with 30 years of experience. 
Co-founder of Delfos contemporary dance company and the Professional Dance School of Mazatlán, both considered dance projects pillars from Latin America. 
With an undergraduate degree in Dance Pedagogy from UAEH and two times winner of the National Dance Award (MX), Claudia has received both national and international recognitions and fellowships. She has created more than 55 works that have been presented in 25 countries in Latin America, Europe, Asia and Africa. 
She teaches workshops continuously in Mexico and abroad. The University of Chicago awarded her with the prestigious Mellon Fellowship. She has collaborated in opera, theater, site specific, video-dance and multimedia projects created in different formats and is interested in interdisciplinary collaborations that generate works created from artistic dialogue. 
Claudia is Jerusalem as a Fellow of the International Jerusalem Fellows Award 


Body Territory:  The body is a territory of encounter, dialogue, discovery and relationship. 
We are territories to inhabit, we inhabit the other and together we form a platform, a mirror and a sustenance. During this practice, the members of the workshop will experience some of the body research that Claudia has developed over the last 25 years as part of her artistic and pedagogical vision. 
Various dynamics will be explored in relation to the concept of "Practicing Body" and "Expressive Body". Working from the flow and control of energy in floor work, through the use of principles such as: accumulation, expansion, sense of trajectory, multi-directional use of space, circularity and sense of community. 
During the session a series of Japanese Haikus are used as a creative impulse of various improvisations; as well as exercises of free stroke on paper, related to the expression of the body through various means, in this case poetry and drawing. 
The main focus is on the development of a present and integrated body configuration that invites a deep understanding of both the individual and social body, strengthening the use of intuition, perception and connection.
This work is inspired in part by the Floor Work system developed by Cortocinésis dance company and the dance maker Vladimir Rodríguez from Colombia.