Returning to Study on Campus After Passover Holiday

Returning to Study on Campus After Passover Holiday

Dear Faculty members and students,

We – JAMD management and Student Union – are excited and in preparation for returning to studying at the academy after the Passover break. We feel It's important to share with you the considerations and guidelines that we have formulated after much thought and joint deliberations. We all share a commitment to continuing studies, taking into account the different needs of the entire academic community, students and faculty alike. The well-being of the students must include both maintaining student health and creating the optimal conditions for learning in the academy. Over the past year we have been able to sustain a significant portion of our studies as Online Learning and we are very proud of that. At the same time, we still think that the best learning takes place face to face and within the walls of the academy. Therefore, we wish to encourage you, the students and faculty members, to come to the academy building as often as possible. From these principles we have formulated the following guidelines. Similar guidelines have also been published by the Hebrew University, on whose grounds we operate:

1.       To enable as many students and faculty members as possible to study and teach at the academy building, starting Sunday, 4.4.2021,  anyone who comes to the building will need to present a "Green Passport" or a negative Corona test in effect (72 hours).

2.       It is every person's right not to be vaccinated without being pressured to do so. We do not require vaccination and there is no such obligation. Those who are not interested or unable to get vaccinated will be asked to present a valid negative Corona test upon entering the building.

3.       Students who cannot physically come to the academy, whether because they are not vaccinated or because they do not have a valid negative test in hand, the academy will be prepared as much as possible to enable them to participate in remote learning. Activities that cannot be performed remotely will be completed according to the nature of the courses and the decisions of each faculty/ department.

4.       Those who cannot or do not wish to come - please personally notify the Head of the department and/or the faculty coordinator, so that we can adapt the teaching system to your needs, maintain your privacy and ensure that you receive the best care and response. Faculty members who cannot come to the building are asked to notify their Dean of faculty.

5.       Internal activities and performances of the Academy will take place subject to the conditions set out in Section 1. In order to ensure that activities and performances take place orderly, and in order not to disrupt group activities/ensembles, students who are not vaccinated and participate in these activities are responsible for presenting a valid negative Corona test before each activity.

6.       Performances: As stated in section 1, students/faculty members who are not vaccinated or without a valid negative test, will not be able to take part in performances at the academy. Unfortunately, only those with a "Green passport" will be able to participate in concerts/performances that are scheduled to take place in halls outside of the academy.

7.       Courses that were pre-defined as online courses will remain that way until the end of the academic year. The manner of conducting the exams/recitals will be determined in accordance with the conditions and guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

8.       We strongly urge everyone to cooperate with Hebrew university authorities, and with security guards at the entrances to the campus and the academy building.

This is a testing moment for our community. Throughout the past year we have proven mutual responsibility, good relationships and concern for each other. We are convinced that out of the good intentions, consideration and effort of all of us, we will also be able to overcome the challenges of the next few months. We are at your disposal for questions, hesitations and requests and invite you to contact us and share with us in any need.

We look forward to seeing you all after the break.

Happy holidays,

Mr. Uri Neumann, Vice President and General Director

Mr. Kfir Yaacobi, Chair, JAMD Student Union

Dr. Ido Ariel, Students Dean

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