One on one: Discussions about Dance

One on one: Discussions about Dance
Sunday, 21 February 2021, 18:30
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Peeking behind the scenes of the final works by 2021 graduates

6:30 PM Group I

oam Carmeli interviewed by Roni Adar | Galia Avidar interviewed by Bat El Toraty Skornik |Efrat Nechama interviewed by Tsufit Goren | Maayan Gur interviewed by Watan Kayial and Dafna Efron | Ella Mark interviewed by Anat Segal Zahavi

8:15 PM Group II

Elad Livnat interviewed by Neta Livschitz | Shlomit Fundaminsky interviewed by Dafna Efron | Atalya Baumer interviewed by Elisheva Razvag | Yael Schiller | Yasmin Meshulam

The Master's Degree Program in Dance at JAMD offers a specialization in performance or in choreography. The program grants students tools with which they can develop their personal and universal creative abilities, and create an intelligent and sophisticated artistic perspective in dance. The program's central focus is on tightening the dialogue between dance as an art and dance as a theoretical field.

The final works by our 2021 graduates will be presented in a format different from that of past years. Due to the pandemic and the ban on live performances, selected parts of the filmed works will be shown in an on-line venue. In addition, current students in the M.Dance program will interview the graduates and discuss the process they underwent in composing their works, and how the works were shaped by the pandemic. These interviews will let us glimpse behind the scenes of the creative process.