A Letter to the Students for Passover

A Letter to the Students for Passover

Dear Students,

We hope that you and your families are in good health.

Looking forward to the coming holidays, let's take a deep breath, look at what we have done at JAMD since the outbreak of the Corona virus crisis and prepare for the future. All of us, students as well as all faculty members, have been undergoing a rapid process of adjusting to distant-teaching and learning. The idea of distant learning has already been on the agenda of institutions of higher education for quite a while. But who could have imagined that the entire world would be forced to adapt to this framework in such intensity and totality. We are very proud of our entire JAMD community, students and faculty alike, for your coping with this challenge so successfully. Thanks to you, studies continue in all programs in very high percentage.

We are aware of the many challenges you are facing regarding your health, studies and livelihood. The academic members and administrative staff do their utmost that every student receives an optimal response to her/his needs at this time. At the moment, nobody knows when we will be able to get back to normal routine. Obviously, when the time comes, we will ensure the fulfillment of all programs and assist each and every one of you to complete your academic and professional tasks. Our community aspires at integrating the values of art, humanity and society. In this time of crisis these values are even more relevant than ever.

Passover and Easter holidays signify solidarity among all human beings. All of us are here for you and we wish you and your loved ones happy holidays and good health.


Prof. Yinam Leef                             Dr. Ido Ariel

President                                         Dean of Students Affairs


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