"Play the key note of your life" - A Lecture by Dr. Orit Wolf

"Play the key note of your life" - A Lecture by Dr. Orit Wolf
Wednesday, 27 March 2019, 14:30
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Room 221
Dr. Orit Wolf, The Royal Academy of Music, UK

Orit wolf has the unconventional combination of being an acclaimed international concert pianist, senior lecturer and expert business consultant on the area of innovative thinking and creative marketing.

By the age of 23 she had already acquired three degrees in distinctions summa cum laude from Tel Aviv University, Boston University, and the Royal Academy of Music, winning numerous international awards such as the Kahn Award for the Arts, Richmond Competition, BBC Radio 3, Hattori Foundation, America Israel Cultural Foundation, and many more. She has performed in the Alt Opera Hall (Frankfurt), Symphony Hall (Hamburg), Wigmore Hall (London), Concertgebouw (Amsterdam), as well as in various royal palaces. Wolf was recently awarded the ARAM by the Royal Academy for her outstanding achievements and intercultural contribution to the music world.

She was then offered teaching positions at Leeds University, Tel Aviv University and the Shenkar Institute. Wolf has been lecturing in Music and Management, Creative Marketing and Interpersonal Communication- both in Israel and abroad.

Her massive exposure to varied audiences and her unique vitality have made her one of the most sought after lecturers in these fields. Her projects in Innovation and Creative Marketing have won various prizes for their distinction and originality. Since 1999 she founded Creative Business Solutions, supplying consulting services to a variety of international companies both in developing products and in building innovative marketing systems (selected customers are IBM, ZIM, Master Card, Visa, Motorola, NDS, Cisco, Veraz, HP, Halma, Teva, FERRING, ECI, ELY LILLY, EDS, FedEx, Flying Cargo, Verint, Orange, Team, Matrix, DELL, IDI Insurance and Strauss).

In 2010 THE MARKER financial magazine chose her as one of the most influential personas of the year. Based in Israel, she divides her time between a demanding concert career, conducting Master Classes worldwide, as well as being an active guest lecturer. Since 2017, she is teaching Leadership for Stage Performers at the Royal Academy of Music, London, and is currently writing her book “The Language of the Creative Mind”. Wolf lives in Caesarea with her two children.

Website: http://www.oritwolf.com/


"Play the key note of your life" – leadership and innovation in Musical career

Composition Forum, collaboration with the Cross-Disciplinary-Composition Division

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