"The Last Light" - A Musical Show

"The Last Light" - A Musical Show
Wednesday, 15 June 2016, 23:00 to Thursday, 16 June 2016, 23:00
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Beit Shmuel, Jerusalem

Direction: Maya Buenos
Production: Netta Stahl
Musical Direction: Daniel Fain
Conductor and Director of the Cross-Disciplinary Choir: Lilach Krakauer
Conductor: Udi Marco


"The Last Light" is a moving experience, which brings together theatre, music and community involvement. With over half of the children in Jerusalem living in poverty, the Yad Elie Foundation was established, to provide hundreds of them lunch at school. A few months ago, over 100 JAMD students got together to contribute what they could for these underprivileged children of Jerusalem.

Students of seven different divisions, including singers, musicians, an orchestra and a choir, worked to create and compose, practice and perform this original musical. "The Last Light – The Dark Side of the Soundtrack" features songs sung by the beloved yet evil of characters from popular musicals, while investigating the motivations and musings of these villains. One night, two girls meet in this dark prison and embark on a journey to expose their mysterious pasts. Their adventures lead to unexpected, strange and exciting encounters.

All proceeds from the performance will go to support the work of the Yad Elie Foundation.