International Conference: Giuseppe Sarti and Late Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera

International Conference: Giuseppe Sarti and Late Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera

The Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Campus Givat-Ram, 91904, Jerusalem, Israel, March 3-4 2015

The opera production is accompanied by an international conference that features 13 lectures by invited speakers who are the prominent scholars in the field of Italian opera and operas by Sarti, their dramaturgy and musical style, reception, editing and performance.



The Opera performance is based on "Giulio Sabino" edition prepared as part of the research project "Giuseppe Sarti: cosmopolitan Composer in (pre)-Revolutionary Europe" (Universität der Künste Berlin - Hebrew University Jerusalem) sponsored by Einstein Foundation Berlin.

Giuseppe Sarti (1729–1802), recognized in his lifetime as one of the central figures of his generation, nowadays belongs to the category of virtually neglected eighteenth-century Italian composers: he is scarcely remembered except for “providing” his famous younger contemporaries Salieri and Mozart with sparkling melodies, quoted in their operas.
The international conference “Giuseppe Sarti and Late Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera: From Text to Performance” aims at partially filling this lacuna by exploring Sarti’s contribution in the framework of Italian opera. Sarti’s most successful opera seria, Giulio Sabino (Venice, 1781), will be performed by the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance Vocal Department on March 3 and March 4 at 19:00, in the New Dance Studio (Jerusalem Academy Building, 3d floor).
The conference is organized in collaboration and with support of the
Musicology Department, Hebrew University, Jerusalem;
Istituto Italiano di cultura, Tel-Aviv;
Einstein Stiftung/ Universität der Künste, Berlin;
Israel Musicological Society.
Entrance is free
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March 3, Jerusalem Academy, 231 Hall
14:00- convergence, light refreshments (patio)
14:30- opening and greetings (231 Hall):
-        Dr. Bella Brover-Lubovsky, conference organizer
-        Prof. Yinam Leef, President, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance
-        Dr. Roni Granot, Head, Hebrew University Musicology Department
-        Prof. Christine Siegert, “Sarti Project” coordinator, Einstein Stiftung/ Universität der Künste, Berlin
-        S.ra Simonetta de Felicis, Director, Istituto Italiano di Cultura
-        Prof. Marina Ritzarev, Chair, Israel Musicological Society
-        Prof. Aharon Harlap, Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, music director of the performance of Giulio Sabino
16:00- Coffee break (patio)
16:30- Keynote lectures (231 Hall):
-        Jehoash Hirshberg (Hebrew University, Musicology Department): Italian Opera in the Decade of Unification 1860-1870 – the Case of the Alleged Minor Composers
-        Dörte Schmidt (Universität der Künste, Berlin): Media of Migration and Local Settings, Sarti’s Giulio Sabino and the Conditions of Italian Opera in Europe in the Late 18th Century
18:00- break
19:00-Giulio Sabino opera performance (1 cast), New Dance Studio
March 4, Jerusalem Academy, 231 Hall
9:30 - Session 1: Giuseppe Sarti: Life, Personality, Style in Contemporary and Modern Views (231 Hall)
Chair: Bathia Churgin (Bar-Ilan University)
-        Bella Brover-Lubovsky (Hebrew University/Jerusalem Academy): Giuseppe Sarti in his Contemporaries’ Reception
-        Albina Boyarkina (St Petersburg University): Giuseppe Sarti in Mozart’s Letters: Friends or Foes?
-        Mattia Rondelli (Milan): Beyond the Scores: Questions to Solve for a Modern Performance of La sconfitta de’ cananei
11:00 - coffee break
11:30 - Session 2: Giulio Sabino Productions in the Late Eighteenth Century
Chair: Judith Cohen (Tel-Aviv Unviersity)
-        Christin Heitmann and Christine Siegert (Universität der Künste, Berlin): Male or Female – Soprano or Tenor? Changes of Voice Register in the Context of Opera Arrangements in the Late 18th Century
-        Giovanni Polin (Fondazione Cini, Venice): Notes about Sarti and the Venetian Theatrical Production System in the Years of Giulio Sabino
12:30 – break
12:45 - Session 3: Music and Drama in Sarti’s Operas
Chair: Don Harrán (Hebrew University)
-        Robert C. Ketterer (The University of Iowa): Inventing Antiquity, Creating Modernity in Medonte Rè di Epiro
-        Andrea Chegai (University of Rome La Sapienza): Dramatic Time and Real Time in Late Eighteenth-Century Italian Opera
13:45- lunch (patio)
15:00 - Session 4: Opera buffa in Transition
Chair:  Marina Ritzarev (Israel Musicological Society)
-        Rimona Paul (Hebrew University): Ricci's Crispino e la Comare: Dramma giocoso as a Bridge between Centuries
-        Ethan Haimo (Bar-Ilan University): Haydn’s and Cimarosa’s Divergent Treatments of Identical Texts
16:30 -Session 5: Operatic Forms in Italian Opera
Chair: Dörte Schmidt (Universität der Künste, Berlin)
-        Sofia Mazar (Jerusalem Academy/New Israeli Opera/HUJI): Rossini and the Bello ideale – the Model of la solita forma and its Dramatic Functions in Rossini’s Tancredi
-        Gioia Filocamo (Istituto superiore di Studi musicali di Terni/University of Bologna): Division by Three as “Return”: The Structure A-B-A’ as a Social Model for Opera Buffa
-        Marco Beghelli (University of Bologna): From “Cavatina” to “Cavatina”: New Remarks on the Semantic Switching of a Technical Term during Sarti’s Age
18:00- conference closing
19:00 - Giulio Sabino opera performance (2 cast), New Dance Studio