Admission Requirements for the Cross-Disciplinary Composition Division

Admission Requirements for the Cross-Disciplinary Composition Division


a.Written examination

1.Intervals – identification and construction.

2.Triads – identification and construction.

3.Four note chords – identification and construction.

4.Inversion of triads and four note chords – identification and construction.

5.Diatonic scales and modes – identification and construction.


7.Reading and writing in F and G keys.

Writing and analyzing diatonic harmony according to a given bass and/or a given soprano.

Writing a free counterpoint to a given tune.

1.Analysis of the harmony / melody of a jazz piece.

2.Analysis of the thematic and morphological harmony of a light sonata (Haydn, Mozart).

Aural training:
1.Single voice diatonic dictation.

2.Two-voice diatonic dictation.

3.Dictation of a harmonic diatonic progression.

4.Rhythm dictation.

Testing knowledge of basic concepts.


b.Personal interview

1.Major instrument examination – reasonable level of mastery of the instrument.

2.Testing of keyboard ability (without sheet music).
Piano performance of a classical work of equivalent to the standard of the Two Part Inventions of J.S.Bach, a Classical sonatina or short Romantic work (Chopin Mazurka or Prelude).
Optional: a jazz piece, including walking bass and improvisation or a rock/pop/folk piece arranged for piano.

3. Testing of aptitude of improvisation on main instrument or piano.

4. Solfeggio

5.Rhythmic solfeggio.

6. A Portfolio: Candidates must bring a printed portfolio of their works, with recordings (optional).
The portfolio must contain two (2) original works (not arrangements), written in musical notation. It is recommended that one of those pieces will be for an instrumental ensemble, and one of them will have a singing part, but it is not mandatory.

For your information: The portfolio has the majority of the weight in the evaluation of the entrance exam.

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