The Lab Orchestra in the Yellow Submarine

The Lab Orchestra in the Yellow Submarine
Wednesday, 27 June 2012, 0:30
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Harechavim 13, Jerusalem

Conductor: Steven Hornstein

    Dana Eisen – Flute
    Vera Gorenstein – Violin
    Yoni Amit – soprano saxophone
    Tal Avraham – Trumpet
    Benjamin Greinmn – Alto Saxophone
    Eyal Nasser – tenor saxophone
    Bob Trachtenberg – baritone saxophone
    Neta Lovell- guitar
    Milton Michaeli – Piano
    Or Didi – Bass
    Shay Hazan – Double Bass
    Oded Levi – Drums
    Amir Phinhasi – Drums
    Guy Fleischer – percussion and live electronics


A new generation of 12 musicians who play exceptional music full of energy and risk based on innovative conducting features and
methods and builds works in collaboration between conductor and musicians. Groundbreaking and full of surprises.

Following the tradition of the great creator Ensemble (Bill Dixon, Cecil Taylor, Charles Mingus) the music of the lab orchestra illustrates a journey in the  landscapes of sound, rhythm and new power.

The program:
“I Lab U”, “orchestra piece (2012)”, “Morpheus”, “Whispers”, “A Night inTunisia"

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