The Academy’s new Center of Technology

The Academy’s new Center of Technology

Last year a new technological center was opened at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance. It was established with the assistance of the Ted Arison Family Foundation, Wolf and Ruth Lesser, the Bracha Foundation and the Planning and Budgeting Committee.  The center, located in the the New Wing, is headed by Prof. Amnon Wolman.  It includes a sophisticated recording studio, a general computer laboratory, a computer and multimedia laboratory, as well as rooms for private work.
In the framework of the center, students will acquire know-how in editing and design of sound, in studio work and recording; they will learn to use the equipment creatively for composing music, music and dance, film music and music for computer games. Additional plans include workshops for professional musicians and courses for the general public to take place at the center and in other parts of Israel, focusing on areas in which exposure to technology in connection with music and dance does not exist in any form.
The center aims to collaborate with professional organizations in the fields of dance and music for the performance of works combining technology as part of their works.  At the same time, the center will initiate and support technological research whose objective will be the development of technological-musical know-how  as an asset to musical performance (such as the development of programs)  and the use of technological know-how for dance (such as a development based on the use of sensors).
Within the framework of the center, an innovative system will function for long-distance learning, enabling the transmitting of public lessons in the teaching of an instrument and dance between the Academy and leading educational institutions overseas. In addition, the center will host researchers of different scientific fields, such as the properties of the human voice, cognition in music and dance, research projects on music theory, the theory of dance, and more.
Academy students and faculty members are invited to use the various facilities at the center for teaching and for the creating their own personal works.