Move Weizmann 2023

Move Weizmann 2023
الخميس, 30 مارس 2023, 20:00
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Michael Sela Hall Foyer, Weizmann Institute of Science


The Braginski Center
The Mandel Center


This program is the result of a joint research and creative project between the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the Weizmann Institute of Science. Students in advanced degree programs from both institutions met to study movement and have together created an artistic program with a scientific basis.

The program was initiated and organized by Prof. Atan Gross of the Weizmann Institute, and Noam Carmeli and Dr. Vered Aviv of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.


Folding Protein

Choreographed and performed by Tali Reingwartz, Dror Toubul, Sigal Armoza

Contrabass: Dror Toubul

The subject of this work is musical-movement thought about the protein structure. It presents a dialogue with a single sequence protein that can tentatively take on a range of conformations. Using sound, movement and text on intrinsically disordered proteins, we produce by movements, the contrabass and looper.

Scientific guidance: Prof. Amnon Horovitz

Duration: 10-12 minutes


Dark Matter

Choreographed by Ohad Columbus, Nitzan Sapion and Bracha Miriam Liniado

Performed by Nitzan Sapion, Tomer Golan and Bracha Miriam Liniado

Music: Matta - brian eno 

Re:member - olafur arnalds

This work asks: what is dark matter? We are still seeking the answer. Making up 85% of the universe, it surrounds us but remains invisible, unfelt and ungrasped. It joins, moves and enables building. We encounter this riddle through movement.

Scientific guidance: Prof. Ran Budnik

Duration: 8-10 minutes


Dressing Room

Created and presented by Aviad Arik Herman and Yael Ankri

This work offers a visual interpretation and artistic expression of the unusual encounter between the world of science and the world of dance and performing arts, through costume design.

Scientific guidance: Prof. Atan Gross


Choreographed and performed by Tomer Golan and Chen Mesil

Music: The North Green Down \ Dakota Suite & Emanuele Errante


This work seeks to explore empathy from human, scientific and dance perspectives. The unique cooperation from which this work grew formed a meeting point between different fields and between individuals who were strangers to each other. It led us to move in an open, attentive and sensitive manner to each other and to the new knowledge we acquired and shared. The piece was inspired by the research of Prof. Atan Gross on mitochondria. We seek to study how empathy can be a mediating factor in biological and human behavior.  

Scientific guidance: Prof. Atan Gross and Dr. Vered Aviv

Duration: 8-10 minutes


Come to the Garden

Choreographed and performed by Halel Broner, Bracha Miriam Liniado and Tom Harris

Music by Halel and Shani Broner


This work is divided into four sections:

1) Deterministic system

2) Chaotic system – here the audience participates in the creative process

3) Chaos in the contemporary world – together with the audience, we experiment in divided attention in daily life

4) Two bodies moving in two systems and encounter one another.

Scientific guidance: Prof. Vered Rom-Kedar

Duration: 15 minutes