The Cross-Disciplinary Composition Department

The Cross-Disciplinary Composition Department

Head of the Department - Dr. Ronnie Reshef,

The Cross-Disciplinary Composition Department was established to provide the opportunity to study music at a high academic level for young artists who view the art of music, as the founders of the department and its teachers do, as something pluralistic, which is not limited to just one narrow style, or to just one musical direction. The dramatic turns the world has taken in regard to multi-cultural influences on art and life in general, especially in recent decades, has become irrelevant for the distinctions such as "serious music", "popular music", "classical music", "jazz", "music for movies", "folk music".

We believe that young musicians should be exposed to the widest possible variety of styles, directions and skills  while developing a deep understanding of the core components of music. In addition, we believe there is great importance in nurturing the aspects of performance as well as those of creating music, vis-à-vis the prototype of the creator-performer that was common in European music in the distant past, and has been found in non-European musical cultures.

All this means that the workload and challenges of students in the Cross-Disciplinary Composition Department may be larger than is found in conventional studies, but they promise a fascinating, diverse and empowering experience for talented, creative, open-minded and curious students.

Graduates of the Cross-Disciplinary Composition Department include leading musicians, who lead successful careers in Israel and around the world, whether as composers, conductors, performing and independent artists, or in senior teaching and academic positions.

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