Staff Members


Function Name Phone E-mail
President Prof. Yinam Leef 02-6759903
Director General Mr. Micha Tal 02-6759903
Vice President for Academic Affairs Prof. Haim Permont 02-6759914
Dean of Students Dr. Bella Brover-Lubovsky 02-6759958
Resource Development & International Relations Manager Mr. Joe Brown Leer 02-6759933
External studies Coordinator Ms. Hagar Vax 02-6759909
Academic Advisor Ms. Michal Golani 02-6759932
Concerts & Productions Ms. Chana Englard 02-6759907
Maintenance Director Mr. Amir Georgi 02-6759908
Coordinator of the Performing Arts Faculty Ms. Rina Attias 02-6759901
Coordinator of the Dance Faculty Ms. Mirit Nissim 02-6759910
Coordinator of the Cross-Disciplinary Music Faculty Ms. Ella Pablovsky 02-6759941
Computers and Electronics Mr. Avi Elbaz 02-6759922
Marketing Manager Mr. Yonatan Dror 02-6759961
IT Manager Mr. Yuval Raanan 02-6759967
President's Secretary Ms. Yaffa Shmaryahu 02-6759903
Coordinator of the Friends and English Secretary Ms. Roni Ben Dov 02-6759904
The Academy Accountant Ms. Efrat Ben-Hammo 02-6759912
Tuition Fee Department Ms. Rina Inka 02-6759937
Budget Officer Mr. Guy Serchi 02-6759936
Tuition Department Ms. Rima Leibowitz 02-6759938
Payments Ms. Dasy Fredman 02-6759935
Head Librarian Dr. Yosef Goldenberg 02-6759918
Students Organization
Ms. Naama Tamari 02-6759923
Orchestra Technical Manager Mr. Asher Pearl 052-3836514
Orchestra Subscriptions   052-3836601  
Chamber Choir Coordinator Ms. Maya Polizer 052-3836602  
Switchboard Operator Ms. Hanna Amir 02-6759911  
Security   02-6759948  
Additional Phone numbers      
Main phone no.   02-6759911  
Main Fax.   02-6527713  
Maintenance (402)   02-6759906  
Photocopying (105)   02-6759952  
Computer Lab.(621)   02-6759961  
Teachers room (402)   02-6759949  
Library (601)   02-6759917  
Cafeteria (305)   02-6759950  
Meeting room (423)   02-6759948  
Givat Ram Security   02-8285921  
Library (601)   02-6527713  
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