The Cross-Disciplinary Instrumental Division

Head of the Division - Mr. Yuval Cohen

The Academy’s Cross-Disciplinary Instrumental Division is part of the Jazz Department and conducts an ongoing academic and artistic dialogue with the Cross-Disciplinary Composition Division and with the Cross-Disciplinary Vocal Division.
The Division’s curriculum imparts jazz performance skills in different styles as well as the skills needed for creative work in arrangement and composition; it also seeks to expand the student’s horizons and to enrich his/her general knowledge − all within the context of the classical music tradition.  Students in the track are exposed to a wide variety of musical styles, which together shape their creative world and transform them into multidisciplinary, up-to-date, and challenging musicians.

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News & Events

News & Events

15 June, 20:00
Beit Shmuel, Jerusalem
3 December, 16:00
Hall 221, Jamd Building