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Institute Director- Ms. Hagar Vax & Dr. Avi Bar-Eitan
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Do you want to fulfill a dream? Return to an old love?
Lovers of culture are invited to join the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance Institute of External Studies.
Come and learn to sing and play, in individual lessons or in small groups, under the guidance of the finest teachers.Listen to lectures on a wide and fascinating range of topics, given by top lecturers.
Classes are held on Thursday evenings and Friday mornings, at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance, Givat Ram.

Continuing education credits in the individual track

Courses are recognized as continuing education credits for teachers, civil servants, municipality employees and broadcasting authority employees.
Each course is 14 sessions of 2 academic hours, for a total of 28 hours, which is a quarter credit.
Two 14-session courses are considered as 56 academic hours, for half a credit.

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News & Events

News & Events

8 April, 11:00
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