The Cross-Disciplinary Vocal Division

Head of the Division - Ms. Mai Israeli Leshman,

Studies in the Division are designed for singers with high academic abilities who wish to learn the vocal arts as a profession in the framework of challenging in-depth studies, on both the academic-theoretical and the practical-artistic levels, without compromising the level or quality of said content.

The Cross-Disciplinary Vocal Division is unique in Israel and is a trailblazer on the global level, for at the heart of its curriculum emphasis is placed on developing skills and rich vocal depth through individual work and development of the personal and exclusive statement of every student.

The curriculum combines practical workshops in a variety of musical styles, movement and acting, as well as special workshops on original composition. Emphasis is also placed on imparting in depth theoretical knowledge and on a variety of ethnic musical skills.

The program’s teaching faculty is carefully chosen in order to offer professional responses to different vocal profiles.

The Department works closely with the two other divisions in the Faculty for Cross Disciplinary Music – the Cross-Disciplinary Instrumental Division and the Cross-Disciplinary Composition Division.

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