A Message to Aspiring Musicians and Dancers

Prof. Yinam LeefAs you carefully consider your professional growth and direction, I turn to you with an important message about the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance (JAMD).
The Academy's primary focus is you, the student.  Our leading teachers and artists are here to help you develop your many talents in a supportive atmosphere.
Within the three institutions of the Academy - the Conservatory for young students, the High School for Music and Dance, and the higher degree-granting Academy of Music and Dance - our devoted faculty will do the utmost to prepare you for independent professional careers as instrumentalists, composers, dancers and conductors.
The Academy's curriculum is flexible, innovative and uniquely adaptable to your personal needs.
Performance and creativity are at the center of JAMD's activities. A wide variety of experiences await you: the orchestra, dance ensembles, choirs, chamber ensembles, projects combining composition and interaction with other disciplines, and workshops for jazz, ethnic and contemporary music, Baroque, and opera.  Also available to you are two new and unique departments - the Department of Oriental Music and the Department of Cross-Disciplinary Music.
Here at the Academy we strive to provide you, the student, with optimum facilities for both your musical and intellectual development: computers as artistic tools and resources, a well-stocked library, an electronic music studio, and dance and concert halls where some three hundred performances take place annually.
Through our strong connections with leading educational institutions and organizations all over the world, we offer student and teacher exchanges and international professional experience which will invaluably broaden your horizons.
The Academy's faculty is of the highest professional level.  It includes educators, instrumentalists and singers, choreographers, composers and conductors with international reputations.  Hundreds of professors, teachers, and artists are responsible for training more than 600 students, who study for the Bachelor and Master degrees in music, dance and music education.  We offer you an opportunity to discover the immense depth in JAMD's three faculties - the Faculty of the Performing Arts; the Faculty of Composition, Conducting and Music Education and the Faculty of Dance, Movement and Movement Notation.
I personally invite you to join us in Jerusalem's very special atmosphere, to initiate your own quest for excellence.  Together we will enable you to realize your dreams at the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

Prof. Yinam Leef,
President of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance.

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