The Orchestral Instruments Department

Head of the Strings Department - Prof. Shmuel Magen
Head of the Wind & Perccussion Division - Mr. Mauricio Paez
Conductor & Music Director of the Symphony Orchestra - Prof. Eitan Globerson


This department trains soloists and orchestra players, and has divisions for string instruments and wind instruments. In addition to individual lessons in the instruments, the department conducts activities in connection with its two orchestras: the Academy's Chamber Orchestra (for outstanding students in string and wind instruments) and the Symphony Orchestra. There are also lessons in chamber music in various ensembles. The students also learn piano as a second instrument. The string division has a subdivision for classical guitar and harp.

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News & Events

News & Events

26 June, 15:00
Jerusalem Music Center
23 May, 15:30
JAMD Building, Hall 221
25 April, 19:00
19:00 to 21:00
Hall 231, JAMD Building