The joint program of JAMD and the Musicology Department at the Hebrew University

The joint program of the Jerusalem Academy of Music and Dance and the Musicology Department at the Hebrew University combines B.Mus. or B.Ed.Mus studies at JAMD in either performance, composition, conducting  or music pedagogy, with B.A. studies in musicology at the Hebrew University, towards a joint degreeB.A.Mus.  The joint program combines every major track and its diverse curriculum at JAMD, with courses in musicology focusing on historical and cultural musicology, theory and analysis in various genres and periods, music cognition, research methods, and more.
The joint program is designed for students who wish to pursue research oriented graduate studies. Future graduate candidates with a B.A.Mus will be exempt from enrolling in extra courses towards their M.A. studies at the Hebrew University. While challenging, the joint program is recommended for outstanding students seeking to broaden their educational experience in both musical practice and scholarly discourses on music. 
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