The Music program

Program Director - Larisa Beikin

About the Music program

The music major at the High School is one of the largest and highly esteemed in Israel.  Like the High School itself, the music major program has an illustrious history of outstanding music education combined with a broad academic education in various music disciplines, with the option of developing individual talent in singing or playing an instrument, and to participate in various performances.  The program’s teaching staff is extremely experienced and is highly successful in enabling each pupil to maximize his or her musical ability.

Throughout the year pupils are given numerous opportunities to perform on the professional stage. This enables them to learn the art of appearing in public and to strive towards a precise and pleasing performance. The curriculum is unique to the High School and gives pupils an extensive and thorough grounding in music history, music theory and analysis of musical works.

A large portion of the High School’s pupils study an instrument or singing at the Conservatory (located in the same building).  Pupils enjoy the projects and master classes held at the Conservatory and the Academy, which is adjacent to the High School.
The High School’s graduates who choose to continue their musical career easily fit in at any academic institution and with various performance groups in Israel or abroad.  Music majors are often awarded Sharett Scholarships by the American Israel Cultural Foundation and are given the status of “outstanding musician” during their IDF service.

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News & Events

News & Events

20 November, 10:00
Hall 304
25 December, 10:00
10:00 to 14:00
Navon Hall, Givat Ram