Dance Program

Program directors: Mrs. Ziva Shochat, Mrs. Evi Lifshitz-Sternberg

About the Program

 The dance major is one of the largest and most prestigious in Israel.  The first major of its kind in Israel, the program has an illustrious history of outstanding dance education, thanks to which dance troupes in Israel and abroad have benefited from excellent dancers.  Studies include academic classes in subjects such as the history of dance, music for dance and applied anatomy; as well as practical classes in various dance styles, such as classical ballet, modern dance, improvisation, composition, jazz, repertory workshops and more. 

The program’s varied curriculum allows every pupil to develop their skills and express their abilities both in the studio and on stage.  The program's teachers are carefully chosen from all over the country and abroad, and are all excellent teachers and artists.  Many teachers ask to work in the program and to create works especially for our pupils.  Group work is highlighted while developing individual talent in a way that enables us to establish a dance troupe of the highest caliber that can handle group artistic works from the finest quality repertoire. 

Special emphasis is placed on teaching classical ballet and modern dance technique, as well as creativity and searching for personal choreographic expression. Every pupil in the dance major program, without exception, appears on professional stages at least twice a year.  In recent years we have had excellent cooperation with the Batsheva Dance Company:  the ensemble chose the dance major program in order to instill the teaching methods of its director, Ohad Naharin,  and the “Ga Ga” Ensemble and the program’s pupils perform one of his works each year.

Beginning in Grade 11 selected pupils from our school participate in ensemble work, and after completing their high school studies a substantial number of them are accepted to the Batsheva dance company.

The school’s graduates are soloists and dancers in Israeli and international dance companies, including Batsheva, the Kibbutz Contemporary Dance Company, the Inbal Pinto Dance Company, the Israel Ballet, the Canadian National Ballet, the London Royal Academy, the Joffrey Ballet of New York, and many more.  Many of our students are awarded Sharett Scholarships by the American Israel Cultural Foundation and receive “outstanding dancer” status during their IDF service.

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